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Parenting in a Pandemic: Q&A Panel

Surprise! We're Homeschooling

The Power of Play to Take Care of Us

Dance your SAD & HAPPY Feelings

The importance of relationship in a time that requires adaptation

Why Play Matters?

Understanding and intervening with frustration

Alarm and anxiety, how to help your children

Role of the schools during covid-19

Reasons why we connect with parents and students

NEW Teaching Remotely: Building Relationship and Supporting Emotional Well-Being Online

Parenting in a pandemic

NEW When Bringing School Home, Don’t Sacrifice the “Home”

Parenting in a Pandemic: A Guide

Now Is the Perfect Time to Lower the Parenting Bar

COVID-19: Five Helpful Responses for Families

COVID-19 Postcard

Suddenly We're All Homeschoolers! What? You Weren't Trained For This?

Talking to children

NEW What to Say to Kids? How to Stay Sane at Home?

How to Talk With Your Children About COVID-19

How to Explain Coronavirus to a Child with Anxiety

How Parents Should Talk to Children

Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19

My Child is Worried About the Pandemic: What can I do to provide support?

Talking to teens

Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis

How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus

COVID-19: What Teens May Be Experiencing

How to Help Teens Shelter in Place

Dealing with anxiety

Supporting children and young people with worries about COVID-19

How to Talk to your Anxious Child about COVID-19

Parenting in a Pandemic- How to Protect Your Child From Stress + Anxiety

When the Worry Bugs Are in Your Tummy: Helping a Child with Anxiety

Helping the Anxious Child or Teen Find Rest

The Emotional Roots of Anxiety: Healing Through Connection

Creating a nurturing home environment

Rest, Rhythm, Release: Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19

Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis

Handling Your Kid’s Disappointment When Everything Is Canceled

NEW Taking Care of Children in Alarming Times

Parenting in Stressful Times: Part I

Parenting in Stressful Times: Part II

Creating a Conscious Invitation into Relationship

Importance of play

NEW Kids are playing “coronavirus tag.” Should we be worried?

True Play: Why Kids Need Play Sanctuaries for Their Emotions

Quebecers Are Putting Rainbows On Their Windows  

Coronavirus Tag? The Pandemic Has Become Part of Kid's Playtime

How Kids Heal Through Play

The Power of Play

Understanding emotions

Five Things You Might Not Know About Human Emotion

NEW Kids Need a Safe Space to Feel

Real Help for Childhood Fears

Health Benefits Of Crying Include Reducing Stress

Why Tears are the Secret to Fostering Resiliency in Kids 

Gardeners at Heart: Growing Emotional Health in our Children

Skiing: A Metaphor for Emotional Regulation

Understanding behaviour

NEW What’s behind the behaviour? There’s always something

Behavior Changes you Can Expect to see in your Child

How Anger, Tantrums, and Meltdowns Protect Your Child 

Attachment Hunger

When Play Ends and Boredom Begins

Why Kids Whine

The Surprising Secret Behind Kid’s Resistance and Opposition

Taming Bedtime Monsters: When Sleepy Time is Scary

Responding to the child's behaviour

NEW Inside Out Activity: The Frustration Monster! 

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Leading a Sensitive Child into Vulnerable Territory

5 Things Parents Say to Kids That Can Turn the Tables on Their Relationship

Ten Things Not To Do When a Child is Frustrated or Having a Tantrum

When Push Comes to Shove: The Answer to Children’s Aggression

Cultivating Independence: A Paradox!

Activity Ideas for kids and the whole family

Coronavirus Guide For Parents: 100 Activities and Resources

101+ Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy During Coronavirus Closures

Indoor Movement Activities for Home

87 Energy-Busting Indoor Games & Activities For Kids

50 Best Indoor Activities For Kids: Easy Crafts + Games

Kids Cooking Activities

Garden Projects and Crafts

Teaching Kids to Knit

Yoga At Home for Kids

30+ Virtual Field Trips For Kids

100+ Free Video Read Alouds

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