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Webinar: Leading our kids back to school

Deborah MacNamara

How can we lead our kids back to school amid all of the changes covid-19 has brought? How do we prepare them for social distancing at schools? What do we do with their worries (and ours), as we face uncharted waters? Join us for a webinar that will address these concerns and more with Clinical Counsellor Dr. Deborah MacNamara

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Returning to school with social distancing

Martine Demers and Catherine Korah

Before coming back to school, it's important to find out what will be the SAME and what will be DIFFERENT. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 we ALL need to do Social Distancing. We’ll explain what that means and what it will look like AT SCHOOL. Some of these changes will be fairly easy, others will take some practice, we’re going to work on this together!

Martine Demers and Catherine Korah

The pandemic of COVID-19 has stirred up HUGE waves of emotions. We are seeing all kinds of behaviours in our children, but we’re also feeling so many as adults. We’ll look at different areas of play and discovery that can invite and prime emotional expression with children. Please know that they are equally beneficial for adults. If we have a good level of playfulness….it will help to solicit this in our children.

NEW  Returning to school with social distancing

Leading our kids back to school

Preparing for my child's return to school

Waves of emotion when living in times of stress

Parenting in hard times infographic

Physical distancing games

Social distancing game: Same vs. Different

Invisible String activity

Picture samples - Return to school with social distancing

Video: Eardley Elementary: COVID-19 Back to School

Creating a nurturing home environment

NEW Taking Care of Children in Alarming Times

Rest, Rhythm, Release: Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19

Creating a Conscious Invitation into Relationship

Dealing with anxiety

Parenting in a Pandemic- How to Protect Your Child From Stress + Anxiety

When the Worry Bugs Are in Your Tummy: Helping a Child with Anxiety

Helping the Anxious Child or Teen Find Rest

The Emotional Roots of Anxiety: Healing Through Connection

Importance of play

NEW Kids are playing “coronavirus tag.” Should we be worried?

True Play: Why Kids Need Play Sanctuaries for Their Emotions

How Kids Heal Through Play

Understanding emotions

NEW Kids Need a Safe Space to Feel

Health Benefits Of Crying Include Reducing Stress

Understanding behaviour

NEW What’s behind the behaviour? There’s always something

Behavior Changes you Can Expect to see in your Child

How Anger, Tantrums, and Meltdowns Protect Your Child 

Why Kids Whine

The Surprising Secret Behind Kid’s Resistance and Opposition

Taming Bedtime Monsters: When Sleepy Time is Scary

Responding to the child's behaviour

NEW Inside Out Activity: The Frustration Monster! 

When Push Comes to Shove: The Answer to Children’s Aggression

NEW  Videos

Parenting in a Pandemic: Q&A Panel

Surprise! We're Homeschooling

The Power of Play to Take Care of Us

Dance your SAD & HAPPY Feelings

The importance of relationship in a time that requires adaptation

Why Play Matters?

Understanding and intervening with frustration

Alarm and anxiety, how to help your children

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