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Covid-19: Staff from Mountainview Elementary School decide to loop with their students

Interview by Martine Demers and Catherine Korah

This is an inspiring story of an elementary school who, having their students' best interest at heart, decided that most teachers would loop with their students for the upcoming school year. Given the covid-19 situation, the Principal and staff felt the students hadn't concluded their year as it should and that it didn't make sense to start the new school year on a different note. As a school team, they came to the conclusion that the teachers would follow their students and move to the next grade together. That way they could pick up where they left off and bridge the gap the pandemic situation has created. This selfless act, where teachers would need to adjust the curriculum and adapt to a whole new grade level in order to offer their students better continuity, will make the new school year so much better for their students.


A big thank you to Sophie Lapointe, Principal, as well as Brenda Coleman and Nadia Bahous, Teachers, from Mountainview Elementary School, of the Riverside School Board, for taking the time to share your heartwarming story!

Anxiety EN.jpg

Alarm and anxiety, how to help your children

Eva de Gosztonyi

When the world is full of alarm and our children show signs of anxiety, what are we to do? After briefly looking at how the alarm system is meant to work, we will then explore what happens when it gets overworked. Finally, we will look at interventions and practices that can help our children who come to us and need help managing in a restless world.

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Understanding and intervening with frustration

Eva de Gosztonyi

When things are not going as we want them to, emotions rise and things can go over the top leading to tantrums and attack. This presentation will introduce the underlying emotion of frustration, and then explain why some children have a hard time managing their frustration. We will look at ways of intervening that have proven to be the most effective for helping these children.

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Play EN.jpg

Eva de Gosztonyi

Why do children play and why do they need to play? We are now learning that play is more important than we ever thought both in terms of brain development and also for emotional well-being. Join us to find out about why play is so important, about different kinds of play and about how you can support your playful child.

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Adaptation EN.jpg

The importance of relationship in a time that requires adaptation

Eva de Gosztonyi

Covid19 has changed our world dramatically and we are all working hard at coping with this new reality, particularly those of us who are parents and/or educators. This session will focus on how we can remain the strong attachment figures our children need as we lead them along this uncharted path. Even in these uncertain times, we can provide the conditions that will help our children to become adaptative and resilient.

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Q&A Webinar - Rest Play Grow book study

Deborah MacNamara and Eva de Gosztonyi

This event was a Q&A webinar related to the Rest Play Grow book study organized by the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management. Special guest Dr. Deborah MacNamara joins Eva de Gosztonyi to answer participants questions.

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