This Blueprint is an organized checklist of activities which have been shown through a search of "best practices" to be the most effective in creating a school environment in which students feel safe and which in turn discourages negative school behaviours, such as violence and bullying. Research studies have also shown that when students feel safe and secure, academic performance improves measurably.


The Blueprint encourages schools to become conscious of how each activity they engage in contributes to and enhances a safe and caring school climate. The Blueprint’s format allows schools to quickly identify their areas of strength. It also permits a school staff to note gaps or areas of weakness.


Although not all schools will be able to carry out all of the activities suggested, most already are engaged in a good array of these and they are encouraged to look to see where the gaps are. Schools are encouraged to understand why they are doing what they are doing so that worthwhile activities are not dropped just because people are tired of doing them. A resource list is provided so schools can enhance their repertoire for becoming safe havens.