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Making Sense of Challenging Youth:

Why are they so immature?

Eva de Gosztonyi

Even well-developing teens can be frustrating – they seem to be so smart and yet act in ways that defy logic. And then we have the challenging youth who have even more problems getting things right. This presentation will review current brain research on the normal development of the teen brain. Then we will look at the effects of adverse childhood experiences on brain development. This information will help with understanding the roots of challenging behaviours. The underlying framework for this presentation is the Neufeld attachment-based developmental paradigm.

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Making Sense of Challenging Youth:

Why are they so aggressive?

Eva de Gosztonyi

When youth lash out, be it verbally, physically or even inwardly, we do all we can to change this violating and dangerous behaviour. So many of the conventional responses to these behaviours only seem to make them worse or serve to push them “underground”. Using the Neufeld paradigm, we will explore aggression’s emotional roots. With this new understanding we will then look at interventions that are more likely to help alter these behaviours.

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Making Sense of Challenging Youth:

How can we make a difference?

Eva de Gosztonyi

Youth who are challenging are usually stuck emotionally. This presentation will allow the participants to understand how to help youth soften their defenses so that growth can happen. The key to these interventions is a safe relationship with a caring adult who can protect and guide all the while providing a space for emotional expression. The road is not always easy, even when relationships are strong. Suggestions will be made for how to hold on to the youth when times are rocky.

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Anti-Bullying Week

Eva de Gosztonyi

Video (6min 45sec) - Global News - Oct 1, 2013

Eva de Gosztonyi, co-ordinator of the Centre of Excellence for Behavioral Management, talks to us about bullying.

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Support for bullies needed?

Eva de Gosztonyi

Video (2min 55sec) - Global News - Feb 25, 2014

Jamie Orchard speaks with Eva de Gosztonyi from the Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management about what kind of support schools could provide for bullies. She believes that these children are vulnerable and need help and shares a few interesting suggestions to help change behaviour.

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Pink shirt day: bullying still a fight in Quebec

Eva de Gosztonyi

Video (5min 56sec) - Global News - Feb 25, 2014

Camille Ross speaks to Eva de Gosztonyi, a psychologist and bullying expert about Pink Shirt day and how bullying is affecting our kids.


Kids in the house

Gordon Neufeld

Compilations of short interviews on a multitude of parenting topics.

Understanding Trauma:

Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

Jacob Ham

YouTube clip (4min 56sec) - Published on Jul 25, 2017

This video reframes a trauma perspective in terms of learning brain versus survival brain as a way to make it easier for teachers to talk about trauma with students. 


Podcast: Conversations with Alanis Morissett

Episode 19: Conversation with Gordon Neufeld

In this podcast, Alanis talks with Gordon Neufeld about developmental psychology, the power to parent, and the value in staying connected with our children as they get older.

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