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Hold On to Your Kids

Gordon Neufeld, Gabor Mate

This book written by Dr. Gordon Neufeld is about the pivotal importance of children’s relationships to those responsible for them and the devastating impact in today’s society of competing attachments with peers. However it is much more than a book on peer orientation: it is about parenting with relationship in mind. This book restores parents to their natural intuition, confronting such relationship-devastating devices as time-outs and using what children care about against them.


Rest Play Grow

Deborah MacNamara

Based on science and the relational developmental approach of renowned psychologist and bestselling author Gordon Neufeld, Rest, Play, Grow reveals how critical adults are in shaping the conditions to ensure young children flourish. This is the story of how young children develop, from their intense need for attachment and the vital importance of play to discipline that preserves growth. 


Reclaiming Our Students

Hannah Beach/Tamara Strijack

Children are more anxious, aggressive, and shut down than ever. Faced with this epidemic of emotional health crises and behavioral problems, teachers are asking themselves what went wrong. Why have we lost our students? More importantly: how can we get them back?


Neufeld Institute Blog

Gordon Neufeld and Faculty

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Kids Best Bet Blog

Deborah MacNamara


Emotional Growth For Children Blog

Hannah Beach

Other websites of interest

IDEA Centre for Educators - Neufeld Institute Education Hub

Neufeld Institute Faculty, Facilitators, and Authorized Presenters

The IDEA Centre is an initiative of the Neufeld Institute and sanctioned by Dr. Gordon Neufeld. It exists to bring together educators interested in how developmental science can be applied by those caring for children and youth in a variety of settings. We are committed to supporting educators in lighting up the hearts and minds of children and youth everywhere. From theory and insight to what it looks like brought to life in your learning community, we are here to help you find the best practices that can support all children in reaching their full potential.


Neufeld Institute Scientific Research Centre

Neufeld Institute Faculty, Facilitators, and Authorized Presenters

The Neufeld Scientific Research Centre was established in order to popularize the science behind the relational developmental approach as articulated by Dr. Gordon Neufeld  of the Neufeld Institute. Here we collect the results of already published scientific research on specific topics that relational developmental psychology deals with.

Library for adults

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