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Some students require more support in managing their behaviour than what the classroom teacher alone can provide. A Nurturing Support Centre (NSC) is not a segregated class but rather an in-school resource that provides an environment and an intervention plan to meet student needs so they can continue to attend regular classes. It is designed to provide emotional, behavioural and academic support to help students succeed. Its use is guided and supervised by a school support team. Shortened class time, options for dealing with challenging situations, organizational support and adult guidance are provided to those students who have a hard time behaving appropriately in class and also during unstructured and transition time. NSCs are being used successfully in both Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Video - NSC Elementary


Nurturing Support Centre

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NSC Elementary

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Nurturing Support Centre


Video - NSC Secondary

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NSC Secondary

NSC Elementary

Guidelines & Materials

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Nurturing Support Centre


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