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Welcome to our site! As a support to the 10 English School Boards of Quebec, the CEBM aims to enable boards and their staff to find developmentally friendly and trauma informed interventions that are effective in helping students who are struggling with behavioural challenges in the school setting.​

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Here's a wonderful tool you can use at the beginning of the school year to help set up your classroom (click on the image to download).



As we start the new school year, we wanted to reflect on the tremendous passion, dedication and hard work we have witnessed from so many of you in the past year. We hope that the summer break has been restful and that it has allowed you to recharge. We look forward to seeing some new and hopeful change for the 2022-2023 school year and the CEBM team will continue to support you through our events, resources and materials. Wishing you a good start of the year!


2021-2022 will be another “interesting” year. Things are still in flux, but we are all better prepared for the changes that a pandemic have brought to our schools.  

At CEBM we are here for you. We will continue to provide you with support by offering regular online professional development opportunities. We are planning monthly sessions on a variety of topics including understanding the sensitive student, helping the student with attention problems, bullying, the science of play, teaching the hard-to-reach student, etc. 

We hope that you will continue to take advantage of our many practical resources, and know that we will be preparing more. For professionals, we plan to offer extra sessions that will help you in your role as a support to school teams. We continue to develop and support a network of Nurturing Support Centres to help schools manage with their most challenging students. 

We wish you a good start to this new school year. Remember that students look to us to be assured that all will be OK. We don’t know exactly what that will look like, but as long as they feel that you are taking care of them, they will thrive. 


Eva, Martine and Catherine 

Online Webinar
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Join us for these PD sessions with Eva

On Thursdays from 4 to 5 pm

Oct 14       Anxiety, Alarm And Attention Problems

Link to the Zoom webinar: 

Presentation handout

ADHD info sheet

Nov 4        Managing Behaviour Without Rewards

Dec 2        Bullying Part I – What’s Really Going On?

Jan 13      Bullying Part II – Intervening With The Bully Dynamic

Feb 3        What’s Behind The Behaviour?

Mar 10      Helping The Student Who Is Disruptive And Alarmed

Apr 7        Teaching The Student Who Is Defended & Hard To Reach

May 5       The Neuroscience Of Play

May 26     Helping The Highly Sensitive Child In The Classroom

Featured article

Heading Back to School – Finding Emotional Safety in Times of Stress

by Hannah Beach

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Online Webinar

April 20th, 2021


Reclaiming Our Students Book Study Chapters 3&13

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