The Intervention Continuum is  a set of classroom prevention and intervention strategies, which keep in mind child development.

These approaches were inspired by the following theoretical framework:

  • Neufeld Attachment-based Developmental Paradigm 

  • Trauma-Informed Practice 

  • Understanding the Effects of Chronic Stress or Trauma

  • Neuroscientific Research

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Targeted Intervention

Based on RTI Model of Response to Intervention


Intervention Continuum During Transitions

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Intervention Continuum (transitions) -RS
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A Targeted Intervention Continuum for Managing Behaviour

Eva, Martine and Catherine - November 24th, 2020

The Targeted Intervention Continuum is designed to help schools to create an environment, both in the classroom and in the school, that will provide options for those students who have difficulty managing their behaviour. We will start by describing basic classroom practices and organization that will help all students to engage productively during class time. 

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Brain Breaks Make a Real Difference

Eva, Martine and Catherine - December 1st, 2020

Brain Breaks have become an integral way of helping students to transition from one type of learning activity to another.  It might be easy to dismiss Brain Breaks as being non-essential to classroom learning and student progress, but there is now a wealth of research that informs us that Brain Breaks make a difference for students academically, behaviourally and emotionally. There are numerous ways of facilitating Brain Breaks. They can be active or quiet and reflective. This session will describe how you can use Brain Breaks with the students in your care both in the classroom or daycare and, if necessary, online.

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