Welcome to our site! As a support to the 10 English School Boards of Quebec, the CEBM aims to enable boards and their staff to find developmentally friendly and trauma informed interventions that are effective in helping students who are struggling with behavioural challenges in the school setting.

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The school year has begun and we are all embarking on a very NEW experience in the 2020-2021 school year.

At CEBM we will do everything we can to support you as you navigate these unprecedented times with your students.

Wishing you all the best. Eva de Gosztonyi, Martine Demers and Catherine Korah



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Setting up Your Classroom during a Pandemic

Setting up Your Classroom during a Pandemic (FR version)

Planning for Challenging Students

This fall we will start a new school year that will indeed be new – one never seen before. This presentation will provide a framework and some guiding principles for how best to take the lead with students to encourage them to follow all of the new in-school procedures meant to keep us all safe. Many school teams have already implemented a variety of creative practices to help students to willingly follow what is being asked of them. This presentation will provide insight as to why some interventions are more helpful than others in avoiding student resistance and why some interventions are likely to keep working throughout the year. Strategies and activities will be presented that have been tried and implemented during the Spring launch-back into ‘school during Covid times’. Come join us and be inspired!

Presentation geared towards all school staff (elementary and early secondary)

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In changing times emotions come to the fore. Children and adults alike will experience many emotions as this new school year unfolds. There will be repeated waves of emotions, we need to expect them and be prepared to support the students through them. This presentation will help the adults to understand some of the key emotions that children will be living and the effect these will have on their behaviour and their learning. These conditions will make groups of children more challenging to manage. We will share a wide range of activities and interventions that will help set the stage for emotional expression in order to clear the way for learning to take place, within the parameters of physical distancing.

Presentation geared towards all school staff (elementary and secondary)

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How can we lead our children back to school amid all of the changes COVID-19 has brought? What do we do with their worries (and ours), as we face uncharted waters? How do we prepare them for physical distancing and other new regulations that schools will have to impose? This webinar will address these questions and more. It will help parents to take the lead with their children and give them some tips for managing the emotions and behaviours that will arise as a result of this new way of being in schools.


Please note that this presentation will NOT deal with the medical aspects of COVID-19, nor specific rules in each school. Rather, it addresses the emotional needs of our children as we prepare them to re-enter school.

This webinar will be of interest to parents, grandparents, early childhood educators, teachers, and anyone who interacts with children on a regular basis.



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As School and Board Administrators you are a capable and multi-talented group. You find a way to juggle many hats and very competently meet the needs of a disparate variety of groups – staff, parents, children and community - with grace and aplomb. And now the pandemic has added yet another layer of complexity.


This presentation cannot take away the array of challenges you are all facing. It will help in the understanding of the fundamental human emotions and needs that are being evoked by this “new world”. Once you have been made aware of the underlying dynamics and how human emotions are manifested in behaviour, particularly in times of high stress, you will have further insight into understanding and supporting your staff.


We will then present an array of ideas and strategies which we hope will ease the transition into the “new” school year and will help you to support your staff through these challenging times so that they can, in turn, take care of the students in their classrooms and daycares.

Presentation geared towards administrators (Board Directors, Principals, Vice-Principals, Daycare Administrators, etc.)

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