As a support to the 10 English School Boards of Quebec, the CEBM aims to help boards and their staff to find effective and developmentally friendly interventions for working with students who experience significant behavioural challenges in the school setting.


If you are around a playground or schoolyard long enough you are bound to hear a child or adult say, “You need to say you’re sorry.” These words are meant to soothe hurts, prevent kids from taking justice into their own hands, and convey rules for behaviour.


The Sorry Plane is a playful introduction for kids and their caregivers to the importance of understanding and respecting our feelings, from the bestselling author of Rest Play Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers

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Why forcing kids to say sorry doesn’t really work

December 12, 2019

GLOBAL NEWS Edmonton video (1min 51sec)

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The Sorry Plane

December 10, 2019

Global News BC video (4min38sec)

Our wish is that this site will inspire those working with students in our schools to try new ways of helping them to manage the daily demands of being in school. We hope that you will find much here that confirms your intuitions. And when you are looking for new ideas, we hope you will find some that will re-energize you in your role with students, especially those with challenging behaviours.

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