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The CEBM is launching another project! The LEGO RESOURCE PACKAGE can have great potential in supporting students both in the classroom and in Nurturing Support Centres (NSC)/Intervention Rooms with teachers and support staff. LEGO is often undervalued and minimally used both in working through emotions and in learning contexts.   Our students with emotional and behavioral challenges often gravitate towards building & creating, how can we increase the value of our intervention and support?

LEGOs can be:  

  • a quiet brain break activity that will help students ‘reset’ and be more available for additional learning 

  • a medium to go ‘hands on’ with learning - reducing felt vulnerability and defenses triggered by learning struggles/challenges 

  • an opportunity to ‘play out’ emotions, problem-solve situations without repercussion or fall out 

  • an agent of change, a problem-solving venue, inspire creativity 

For more details on the Lego Resource Package, please visit our Resources Centre:

Benefits of Brick Play.png

LEGO Project presentation

CLICK HERE to play recording

LEGO Project - Presentation Handout

CLICK HERE to download the document

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